When the idea flows

In the heart of a land that is in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment but with the utmost technological perfection lies Fluidea, a company that designs, manufactures and sells hydraulic components for transmission of fluid power; servo controls including hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, electronic and radio controls and multifunction grips; control instruments for monitoring and diagnostics of hydraulic systems; auxiliary equipment and accessories.

Located to the south of Modena in northern Italy, where the Po plain gives way to the foothills of the Apennines, where the roar of Ferraris is a familiar sound, where the world’s strongest ceramic tiles are made, where mechanical engineering and agriculture have both achieved excellence, and where the black gold known as traditional balsamic vinegar matures, it is only logical that Fluidea finds its perfect location.

The habit of combining harmony and contrast, high quality aspirations and end results is the business card of this productive area as well as our distinctive feature.

Fluidea is an active part of a district that makes excellence its goal, which uses the extraordinary bag of technological knowledge of industrial fabric, combined with everyday genius and the work of these people. Impossible to imagine elsewhere a microcosm so tiny of small companies with high technological content that know how to combine intuition, innovation, production capacity and responsiveness.

The "mission" of Fluidea is to find "innovative ideas" for the development and implementation of customized products and systems tailored to the specific needs of Customers, using high level know-how, thanks to the experience gained in multiple application areas with the expertise of "partners of excellence" and with the help of advanced and low environmental impact technologies, without compromises in terms of quality, performance and durability, cost-effective and timely.

Assembling and testing
Robust components for maximum reliability
Development phases with rapid prototyping

Fluidea seeks the optimum response to the customer's demand, personalizes it in relation to its specific needs, develops it and perfects it with the help of the most advanced technologies and translates it into the finished product.

  • Wide range of innovative products in keeping with the needs of the market.
  • Optimization of products for maximum reliability even for heavy applications.
  • "Know-how" application in the most diverse areas.
  • Fast feed-back and flexibility in customizing "on-demand" products.
  • Fast sampling thanks to rapid prototyping technology.
  • Technical support from design to on-site testing and testing.
  • "Excellence" partners for optimal performance components and available anywhere.

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